Change The Frame is an organisation led by youth for youth. We are passionate in educating young Australians about gender equality in order to change their frame of mind when it comes to the gendered biased frameworks of society.

Our workshops equip young people with the skills to critically evaluate the gender biased frameworks that exist within society through conversation centred workshops. You can read more about our workshops here!
Despite coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, every volunteer for Change the Frame has one thing in common: a passion for furthering the cause of gender equality in our local community. Many hard-fought battles have been won over the years, but we think there is still a lot more work to do, and we believe young people are the ones who are up to the task. We believe in promoting the interests of young people in the feminist space, and taking their concerns, questions, and interests seriously. Meet our team here!
We believe that, in the immortal words of bell hooks, feminism is for everyone, meaning that a good feminist organisation is one that aims to removes the barriers to accessing feminism, and presents a form of feminism that is inclusive, empathetic, and intersectional.

This is why we are so passionate about educating young people: they are a group of people who are often excluded from feminist spaces, despite having the intelligence and passion to engage with these important conservations. We understand that young people are often more intelligent and curious than their surrounding environment might give them credit for, which is why we do not shy away from tricky or complicated issues that arise in the feminist space, including intersectionality, gender, and consent.

To learn more about our mission, values and how Change the Frame came to be, check out our story!
Change The Frame would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional owners of the land on which we meet – the Ngunnawal Peoples. It is upon their ancestral lands that Change The Frame is built.
As we share our own knowledge, teaching, learning, and research practices within this organisation may we also pay respect to the knowledge and traditions of the Ngunnawal peoples.

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