Change the Frame is an organisation for youth led by youth providing workshops on issues surrounding gender and gender equality for high school and college youth in the Canberra region.

We create safe spaces for young people to come together and discuss these topics with highly trained and passionate volunteer facilitators. You can read more about our workshops here.
We start conversations with young people - not finish them.
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the basics:
How does Change the Frame work?
Change The Frame is an organisation led by youth for youth. We are passionate in educating about gender equality in order to change the mind frame of young individuals and therefore frameworks in society. Our workshops equip young people with the skills to critically evaluate the gender biased frameworks that exist within society through conversation centred workshops. You can read more about our workshops here!

Our workshops focus on delivering accessible, intersectional and inclusive gender-focused education for young people. Our passionate team aims to encourage and empower young people to think critically and flexibly about our society by challenging attitudes and beliefs about gender and inequality among men, women and non-binary people.

The workshop curriculum fosters both respect and builds knowledge about the unique issues that people face due to reasons such as their sex, gender or sexual orientation. We want to provide Australia's youth with the knowledge and skills to tackle gender inequality in our society and create active change in their communities.

Change the Frame workshops are designed for young people between the age of 13 and 18 years of age and are facilitated by young adults who are committed to an equal and equitable society. Our workshops include interactive activities such as team problem solving, discussions about current gender issues from around the world, and the opportunity for reflection on preconceived ideas about sex, gender and feminism in a non-threatening environment.
Who founded Change the Frame?
Change the Frame was co-founded by Sita Sargeant and Emmie Shields. It's founding members include Jazmeen Payne, Alex Gernath and Lara Sinclair. Change the Frame was founded in September 2017.
Who is your target audience?
Change the Frame's primary audience is high school and college aged youth in the Canberra region - however we also target their parents and educators.
What is your objective?
Change the Frame is on a mission to drive meaningful change on issues surrounding gender and gender equality through open dialogue with young people and their educators. We want to change the gender biased frameworks of society by giving young people the tools to critically evaluate and one day change these frames.
our story:
Here at Change the Frame we like to think that change happens when a person sees the world for what it could be, but understands it for what it is. It begins when that person realises that they don't want to live in today, so they decide to work for a better tomorrow.

The founding members of Change the Frame were no different. Our program is built around this very premise - that by showing people the reality of today and helping them envision the dream of tomorrow, they can help make it a reality.

We envision a world without gender-based discrimination or violence. A world where anyone can succeed regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. But unfortunately, this is not the type of society which we currently live.

The thing about imagining a better future is that at some point you stop waiting for someone else to make it happen and decide to take action. So after dreaming of a better tomorrow for what often feels like forever, we chose to do something to try and make our dream a reality.

Now, this decision to "do something" was not as romantic as it might seem. We only decided to do something after months of procrastinating the decision and discussing every possible reason to not go forward with it. But eventually the pros outweighed the cons and in August 2017 in a Thai restaurant in Gunghalin, Change the Frame stopped being just a concept to be debated and instead it became something that we were actively going to invest our time (and sometimes money) in.
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Change the Frame acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia, their diversity, histories and knowledge and their continuing connections to land, water and community. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and to Elders past, present and emerging.